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What's My Home Worth?

While you cannot get a reliable valuation from the internet, let's be honest. We all look. Get the stats on what the cyber world thinks your house value is. Then book an appointment with an actual agent to get the real market value of your home - a market value that accounts for all of the upgrades, features, and work that you've put into the home over the past several years. 

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Commission: How does it work?

This 1 page eFlyer explains everything you ever wanted to know about commission, who pays, and who doesn't.

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Our Smart Sellers Program

Have you been working to sell your home "By Owner?" If you have already been advertising and marketing your home, but now want to list, find out how to preserve your right to sell without commission to any buyers you are already be in contact with. 

Specifically Designed For FSBO Sellers

Don't Wait For Better Prices To List Your Home. Here's Why...

Prices are going up. Find out why waiting for a better potential sale price may not be in your best interest.

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Redoubt: What Is It? How Does It Effect My Home's Value?

You may have heard about the "Redoubt Movement." It made an impact on the real estate market around the time of the 2016 elections, and we are still seeing its effects as buyers from out-of-state seek to buy in North Idaho - particularly rural homes, homes on acreage, country estates, off-grid, and vacant land. If your property falls into one of these categories, this is a "must read."

Article courtesy of "The Week" magazine, October 2016

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6 Factors Necessary To Selling Your Property "For Sale By Owner"

Save yourself time and headaches down the road by screening the buyers who see your home. Many are tire-kickers who can't qualify for a mortgage. Set the right price. Even if you don't list, many realtors offer pricing guidance for free. Take advantage of free services. Keep documentable evidence of your properties value...

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