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EXCLUSIVE: How To BUY A Home On A Renter's Budget

April 09, 2018

It can be cheaper and easier to own a home than it is to rent. These are the secrets to home ownership that your landlord DOESN'T want you to know. Take control of your life. Get ready to buy a home this year. Download your free report!

Great Lenders - Give One A Call!

September 26, 2018

Looking for a great lender to work with as you prepare to buy a home? These are some of our personal favorites!

Commission: How does it work?

August 18, 2018

This 1 page eFlyer explains everything you ever wanted to know about commission, who pays, and who doesn't.

Rent-To-Own: How it works

September 26, 2018

This article describes the difference between a "lease-option" and a "lease purchase" contract, and how each works.

How To Shop For A Mortgage

April 09, 2018

Interest rates and loan processing fees can vary quite a bit between different lending companies. Shop around. Be ready to provide lenders with your approximate credit score, but don't share personal information until you find the lender you'd like to work with. That should protect your credit from multiple 'pulls.' Let the lenders know you are just 'shopping' and that you'd like to find out what they have to offer someone in your financial situation.

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