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56 Point Marketing Plan for Listed Homes

Pre-Consultation Steps

    1. Research tax records to verify full and complete legal information including: owners’ full names, recorded square footage, annual tax bills, legal lot size, and other property information

    2. Research legal description, parcel number, and obtain plats and aerials.

    3. Determine water and sewer hookup status

    4. Identify school districts, shopping, transportation, and employment options in the area

    5. Research homes currently on the market that will be the most significant competition for your home

    6. Research homes that have recently gone under contract for sale in your area

    7. Complete a Comparative Home Value Market Analysis that compares your home to similar homes that have sold within the last 12 months

    8. Analyze the number of months that inventory in your area has been on the market

    9. Analyze the price and condition of homes that were successfully sold

    10. Determine why similar unsold homes are still on the market

    11. Call agents, if needed, to discuss activity on the comparable properties they have recently sold in the area


Initial Consultation Marketing Prep

    12. Perform Detailed Needs Analysis to include the reasons for your move, how quickly you need to move, and address any immediate concerns

    13. Obtain information that will help us prepare the listing, advertising, and marketing materials: including information on the improvements that you have completed on the home in the last 5 years, and whether there are any outstanding LID’s

    14. Discuss your competition and how you compare

    15. Pricing Strategies to effectively market the home

    16. Staging Strategies to cast a positive light on features that are most important to buyers: uncluttered rooms, fresh paint, curb appeal, etc

    17. Consultation of any upgrades needed or recommended to sell the home for the most money in the least amount of time

    18. Obtain copies of floor plans, if available, and make available to agents via the multiple listing service

    19. Review current appraisal, if available

    20. Identify homeowner association, contact information, and dues

    21. If the property is rented, obtain copies of all leases,tenant contact information, and verify rents, deposits, and inform tenants of listing and how showings will be handled.

    22. Prepare showing instructions for buyers’ agents and agree on showing time windows that are acceptable to you

    23. Complete a detailed checklist of the features and benefits of your home to be used for internet data entry and marketing

    24. Discuss the costs and benefits of having the home pre-inspected and of offering a 1 year home warranty

    25. Obtain and verify accurate methods of contacting you

    26. Prepare a detailed net proceeds analysis to determine approximately what you will receive or owe when the property closes. Net sheet will include costs associated with the sale including: closing costs, commissions, prorated taxes, and seller paid buyer closing costs (if applicable). This allows you to remain in financial control with no surprises.

    27. Obtain one set of keys. Agree upon lockbox location

    28. Review and explain all clauses of the listing agreement and addendums

    29. Explain the use of the Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement that you will be completing and how it will help you avoid setbacks and preserve your legal rights

    30. Obtain your permission for advertising in print, online, and through photography


Initial Marketing – First 10 days

    31. Sign placed in yard, Directional signs if needed

    32. Custom Flyers in flyer box

    33. Aerial photos for rural properties (weather permitting)

    34. Attractive interior and exterior photos to show your home in the best light

    35. Email a copy of the completed listing to you as soon as it is active on the MLS.


Continual Marketing

    36. Export listing to dozens of sites, including Zillow, Trulia, and

    37. Weekly update calls, emails, or texts to you to discuss all showing, marketing, pricing

    38. Marketing remarks and listing triple checked for accuracy and promotion

    39. Upload listing to the MLS used by thousands of local real estate agents

    40. Prospect for buyers by phone, email, website, and e-flyers

    41. Highlight home on Forever Home Realty’s Facebook page, and my personal business page

    42. eFlyers of Open Houses and Price Changes sent to active real estate agents, and shared via MLS

    43. Prospect agents who have showed the home and obtain feedback from showings

    44. Craigslist weekly

    45. Postcards to neighborhood (depending on neighborhood) to announce your listing

    46. Target additional marketing toward other agents who are most likely to  have buyers searching in your neighborhood

    47. Reverse prospecting in the MLS, this finds buyers who are looking in your price range and area

    48. All Forever Home Realty agents use their cell phone numbers when marketing your listing so that we can all be reached after hours.

    49. All agents in our office are working to get your home SOLD

    50. If the home is on the market longer than expected, a meeting of top agent at Forever Home Realty and other brokerages will review your home to see how to improve

    51. Free Buyer Consultations offered to all prospective buyers

    52. Promote loan programs to 1st Time Homebuyers, Veterans, and other groups that will qualify for special financing on your home (if applicable)


Open Houses

  (Note: Because 90% of Open House attendance is from local traffic, homes in quieter areas may not be suited for an open house)

    53. Open Houses will be marketed on multiple websites through the MLS and local Facebook groups. A Facebook event will be created in which you will be allowed to invite friends and family.

    54. Professional fliers will be at the Open House, along with sign in sheets so that you know who has been through your home

    55. Open House directional will be placed at the time of the open house to help direct traffic

    56. We work with a great lender to create fliers for Open Houses to show financing options for your home.



Every home is unique, and marketing is tailored to your home marketing needs. We also advertise in the Nickles Worth, local newspaper, magazines, specialty websites, at the North Idaho Fair, and other locations, depending on the specific needs of your home.