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What are the benefits of working with a real estate brokerage?

There is little to NO COST for buyers to work with a real estate agent. That's right! When sellers list their home with a realtor, the sellers offer to pay both the commission of their Realtor and yours. You don't save any money by representing yourself, but you can gain a wealth of information by taking advantage of the system. 

Do I NEED to have a real estate brokerage represent me?

Forever Home Realty gladly works with buyers who represent themselves. If we represent the sellers, we will complete your transaction at no cost to you. If we represent neither buyers nor sellers, please contact us for a quick customized estimate. 

We help by...
  • Providing FREE Customized home search that sends you email updates as soon as a new listing appears that meets your criteria. Listings include every home, listed by every Realtor, working for every brokerage company in the region - Even "exclusive" listings.

  • Connecting you with great mortgage lenders

  • Same day showings whenever possible

  • Showing you the homes YOU want to see

  • Identifying both 'benefits' and 'red flags' on potential homes

  • Highlighting the hidden costs, and hidden ways to save money when you buy

  • Advocating to get you the best sale price

  • Researching For Sale By Owner, and seller financed properties to ensure that the title is clear

  • Writing offers to your best advantage

  • Ensuring that buyers are promptly provided with all state mandated property disclosures, and copies of CCRs (where applicable)

  • Preparing "Net Sheets" to prevent hidden costs

  • Coordinating inspections, bank appraisals, well tests, perc tests, septic inspections, soil tests, and specific contractor appointments.

  • Coordinating with the buyer's lenders, agents, and title company to help ensure a smooth closing.

Real Estate Is A Buyer's Investment

Investing when it's a "sellers' market."

Competition is fierce, and the best homes often have accepted offers within days of listing. Buyers must be able to make swift decisions, and may have to make offers on several homes before they have an accepted offer. Don't discount making back-up offers either. 

Is it still a good time to buy a home?

YES! Don't waste money paying the landlord. Now is the time to buy. Even though home values are increasing, it is still possible to find a great property where you can build equity. 

Rentals are growing scarce, (especially in North Idaho), and rental rates are increasing according to the law of 'supply and demand.' In many cases, it is less expensive to own your home than it is to rent. (And that includes mortgage, mortgage insurance, and property taxes costs!)